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Mar 27, 2008

Conky: Dual Core Processors in .conkyrc

Conky: Dual Core Processors in .conkyrc Posted by in Conky, Programming, Technology, Ubuntu 11 comments

OK, this is a bit of a cheeky post, since I’m merely extending a previous post “Conky on Ubuntu 64 Bit – .conkyrc” – or elaborating on it – to clarify setting up .conkyrc for Dual Core Processors – specifically for my AMD Turion 64 X2. I’ve had a few requests specifically about this, so […]

Mar 27, 2008

Eclipse PDT and MySQL – SQL Explorer Plugin

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I’ve been using Eclipse PDT for some time now, and since PHP programming invariably involves connecting to a database at some point or another, I wanted to be able to access my MySQL databases from within the Eclipse IDE – even if only to quickly debug SQL statements. I generally use a combination of a […]

Mar 22, 2008

Are the BBC Selling out?

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The BBC has always been a commercial-free television channel – and indeed, radio, and every other form of media the BBC uses have also been free of advertisements. The BBC is paid for by the British Public – we pay an annual license fee, to ensure the BBC remains commercial free – whatever the media. […]

Mar 11, 2008

BOINC and SETI@Home Data Output with Conky

BOINC and SETI@Home Data Output with Conky Posted by in Conky, Programming, Technology, Ubuntu 6 comments

Since my previous article about Conky, Conky on Ubunty 64 Bit – .conkyrc, I’ve been playing around with trying to get Conky to output some BOINC (SETI@Home data), and through a little digging, found a couple of very useful resources. The first being BOINC’s own client_status.xml file, located on Ubunutu in /var/lib/boinc-client/client_status.xml, which contains a […]

Mar 9, 2008

Conky on Ubuntu 64 Bit – .conkyrc

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I recently installed Conky, which is a highly configurable and “light weight system monitor”. As with many packages, it’s available via the Ubuntu Repositories: sudo apt-get install conky The default installation outputs some pretty useful information about the system – CPU usage, RAM/Swap usage, HD IO, HDD space and so on, and there are also […]

Mar 5, 2008

IEs4Linux – Internet Explorer 5.0, 5.5, 6 & 7 on Ubuntu Linux

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I do a lot of Web Development, and try to build W3C Standards Compliant web sites – that’s why I always develop a website for Firefox first, and it’s also why I despise – with absolute passion – Micro$hite Internet Explorer (including version 7, which although is closer to following W3C’s standards than any previous […]

Mar 1, 2008

Retro: Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k on Ubuntu 64 Bit

Retro: Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k on Ubuntu 64 Bit Posted by in Games, Ubuntu 3 comments

So, I have a state of the art Notebook (well, almost state of the art), with a Duel Core 64 Bit AMD Processor, 2Gb RAM, and a 64 Bit Operating System (Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon) – but, whatever… because I’ve found a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k Emulator! What better use for such a system than to […]