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Apr 30, 2008

64 Bit Azureus BitTorrent Client with 64 Bit JRE

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I love the fact that a huge amount of the applications I regularly use are available via the package manager, but sometimes, I like to install applications myself. Azureus is one such application – I wanted to install the latest x64 version, and utilise the x64 JRE I had installed for the x64 Eclipse IDE. […]

Apr 30, 2008

Concurrent init.d scripts and HAL initialise error on boot up

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I wanted to see if I could take advantage of my Dual Core CPU during boot time, by enabling concurrent init.d scripts, in the hope this could improve (an already pretty fast) boot time. The implementation is pretty simple – first, I backed up /etc/init.d/rc cd /etc/init.d/ sudo cp rc rc.BAK then set about editing […]

Apr 28, 2008

Using Ubuntu Archive Mirrors, for potentially faster Updates

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Like most other Ubuntu users, I recently upgraded to 8.04 (Hardy Heron), but numerous power cuts, and a sketchy internet connection screwed up the upgrade process, resulting in a horribly drawn out process of reinstalling a fresh copy of 7.10, downloading and installing the updates, and finally the alternate CD for 8.04… but that’s another […]

Apr 27, 2008

Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron Vs. Windows Vista SP1: The big showdown

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Sorry if you were expecting a substantial research report, but there really is no need for an in depth technical evaluation and comparison. No need to waste your time with specifications and benchmark results. No funky table with the pros and cons of each operating system. All you need do, is watch the following video. […]

Apr 21, 2008

Digital Photography – Linux Darkroom with LightCraft’s LightZone 3.4

Digital Photography – Linux Darkroom with LightCraft’s LightZone 3.4 Posted by in Photography, Technology 4 comments

I love Photography, and any oportunity I get, I try and take photos. I have a great camera, and living in the jungle, fantastic surroundings and photo oportunites everywhere I look. The only thing I’ve been lacking is a digital darkroom for Linux. OK, so we Linux users have GIMP, CinePaint (a fork from GIMP […]

Apr 14, 2008

I didn’t know tents could do that…

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I was cleaning up my computer today, and came across an old screen shot on my Windozzze XPoo partition. I took it back in the day, when Gmail was invite only and you had to enter a Captcha type string when you logged in…   Gotta love random strings!

Apr 13, 2008

Debugging PHP Applications with Xdebug and Eclipse PDT

Debugging PHP Applications with Xdebug and Eclipse PDT Posted by in Eclipse, Programming, Technology, Web Development 66 comments

OK, so I have x64 Eclipse successfully installed and running with all the plugins I use for Web Application Development. But what about debugging? Sure, var_dump(), echo, print and so on are all valuable to me when debugging a script, but it’s always good to have more information. Xdebug is a fantastic PHP extension, which […]

Apr 12, 2008

64 Bit Eclipse: Linux Installation, including PDT, WTP (WST), ATF, and MySQL (SQL Explorer Plugin)

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Update, 16/01/09: This tutorial has been superseded by “Full 64 Bit (or 32 Bit) Web Development and PHP/MySQL IDE with Eclipse 3.4 Ganymede and PDT 2” which covers the latest versions of Eclipse (Ganymede – 3.4) and PDT (2.x). NOTE, 04/08/08: This tutorial covers Eclipse Europa. If you would like to install the latest version […]

Apr 11, 2008

Firestarter firewall GUI 1.0.3-5 bug in initscript on system boot up

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I recently installed Firestarter (a Firewall GUI for Linux – sometimes I just cant be arsed using CLI to configure iptables etc!), but I’ve noticed that when my system boots, it throws up the following error: invoke-rc.d: initscript firestarter, action “restart” failed run-parts: /etc/network/if-up.d/50firestarter exited with return code 2 This is actually a bug with […]

Apr 7, 2008

Changing the Theme

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I’m just playing around with a new theme for the site at the moment. I like this i3Theme, since I can split the side bar up into two sections – makes organising the side content a little easier – just need to design some kind of logo to go with the new theme