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Nov 30, 2008

MySQL Workbench 5.1.4 Alpha released for Linux

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Ok, so this is a few weeks after it’s been released, but I’ve not had much of a chance to catch up on these things! Anyway, following my post on MySQL Workbench 5.1.3 Alpha, here’s an update on installing the latest version – 5.1.4 Alpha. 32 Bit users can install from the repositories, by first […]

Nov 23, 2008

View and Render .nfo files correctly in Ubuntu with NFO Viewer

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If you regularly explore the more nefarious side of the internet, you’ll be familiar with .nfo files. NFO files are ASCII Art in the CP437 codepage, and used by various  distribution groups to mark the fact that they released this particular file – like a label or logo. Being an Ubuntu user you’re probably also […]

Nov 20, 2008

Adobe Flash Player 10 for 64 Bit Linux – Installation

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Adobe announced the alpha release of Flash Player 10 a few days ago, for 64 Bit Linux. I’ve tested if for a couple of days – looks good so far and aside from a nasty bug when visiting Gmail (see below for work around), and a few other sites, which causes Firefox to crash and […]

Nov 19, 2008

…and we’re back

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I’m not sure what happened, but some time during last night (my time), the site went down – I woke up this morning to find the permissions all screwed up, and thus not able to access the site. Anyway, all fixed now… Pesky Gremlins…

Nov 18, 2008

Blast from the Past: Pushover, puzzle game

Blast from the Past: Pushover, puzzle game Posted by in Games, Linux 26 comments

Those who had an Amiga will remember this one, developed by Oceon in 1992: Pushover. A cool puzzle game, where you control an Ant, and have to work out and set up the correct sequence of Dominoes in order to topple them all, and the Trigger domino to progress to the next level. To make […]

Nov 15, 2008

Track and Trace your stolen or missing Laptop with Adeona, on 32 and 64 Bit Ubuntu

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Adeona is an Open Source system for tracking stolen and lost laptops/notebooks, developed by the University of Washington Computer Science and Engineering department. It’s also one of the few systems which doesn’t require a silly BIOS hack, or access to proprietary services, and is available for Linux, Windozzze and Mac OSX. Since 64bitjungle is a […]