Strange Clocks

Posted by on Apr 24, 2012 in Android17 comments

I started playing around developing Android applications – it’s a pretty cool platform to develop on. The result so far is my first application, called “Strange Clocks“.

Strange Clocks is a set of Home Screen Widgets, each of which calculate and display time in an unusual way:

1. Binary Clock – Displays the time in Binary, by converting H:M:S into “Binary” values. (3×3 Widget)
2. Decimal/Metric Clock – Displays the time using a Decimal clock – the day is split into 10 hours, which have 100 minutes. Each Centiminute has 100 seconds. (3×1 Widget)
3. Hexadecimal Clock – displays the time in Hex (base-16) format. (3×1 Widget
4. Octal Clock – Displays the time in Octal (base-8) format. (3×1 Widget
5. Percent Clock – Displays the percentage of the day passed. (3×1 Widget
6. Reverse Percent Clock – Displays the percentage of the day left. (3×1 Widget
7. Backwards Analog – A standard Analog clock, in reverse. (3×3 Widget)

There’s a Free version and a Donate version (50p / 99c). Both are fully functional, but the Donate version contains several skins to change the colour of the LCD (Blue, Green, Dark Green and Red) and Text/Foreground (White, Black and Green).