Traversing, and opening include files in Eclipse IDE

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While aimlessly wandering the web yesterday, I happened upon a rather cool little plugin for Eclipse, called AnyEdit tools, which adds a bunch of useful tools to the context menu of the Eclipse editor, and also to the output consoles, main menu and editor toolbar. Most interestingly for me, is the addition to the context menu which allows opening an included file from the within Editor, which means I don’t have to search through directory structures in the Eclipse explorer to open a file included in the one I’m currently editing. With AnyEdit tools, I just right-click on the include/require statement, and select “Open file under cursor” (Ctrl+Alt+R does the same), and the file is opened in the editor. Cool.

AnyEdit tools is easy to install – in Eclipse, go to Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install and select the “Search for ne features to install” option. Click on “New Remote Site”, and add “AnyEdit tools” as the Name, and as the URL and click OK. Tick the box next to the new site, and click Finish. Once the update site has been contacted, and the plugin list retrieved, expand the AnyEdit tools -> Eclipse 3.3 plugins, and select AnyEditTools 2.0.2. Click Next, accept the agreement, Next, Next, Finish. Once dowloaded, the Update Manager asks to verify the installation – click Install, and that’s it. Eclipse needs restarting to activate the plugin.

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