10 Amusing Search Terms Used to Find 64 Bit Jungle

Posted by on Aug 10, 2008 in Humour1 comment

I know I shouldn’t really poke fun, since search engines are the main entry point to 64bitjungle.com, but while scanning through Google Analytics, and the keywords input by users searching the web (who visited this site as a result), I came accross a few classics:

  1. life of jungle man :)
  2. speccy roms (nice to see someone using old slang for the Spectrum 48k)
  3. aser instal draivers (Typo?)
  4. awesome conky settings (Like, totally dude)
  5. eclipse remove linux (I don’t think you want to do that…)
  6. eclipse x64 doesn’t work on windows vista ultimate (I’ll be surprised if anything works on Vista)
  7. life webcams jungle (hmm)
  8. weird fonts (are we talking Twilight Zone weird?)
  9. the man who can’t be moved-the script+bittorrent (pardon?)
  10. a long time ago boot screen (in a galaxy far, far away…)

Considering the 100% bounce rate for all 10 terms, I think they were disappointed by 64bitjungle.com. I really hope they all found what they were looking for! :)