Shameless self-promotion for my new side project:

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Thrift Seek - ebay and Amazon Price ComparisonI’ve been relatively quiet for the past month or so, with the Holidays and New Year, and I’ve also put a little time into creating my latest side project, What is it? Well, it’s a simple price comparison site. I know, there are dozens of well known price comparison sites out there, so what I’ve done is simplified the site, and boiled it down to the bare necessities. The site takes your search term, finds relevant products on ebay and Amazon, compares them and returns the cheapest/best offer in accordance with your search. The results returned are the single best offer from each merchant, with the overall best outlined. The rest of the results are also listed for your perusal in a simple two column layout. Nothing fancy, just a simple comparison engine. I still need to work on a couple of tweaks, but it’s now up and running, and people are actually using it already!

OK, shameless self promotion over! I’ve got a few more Linux articles in the pipeline, so I’ll hopefully get them published soon.

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