Blast from the Past: Pushover, puzzle game

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pushoverThose who had an Amiga will remember this one, developed by Oceon in 1992: Pushover. A cool puzzle game, where you control an Ant, and have to work out and set up the correct sequence of Dominoes in order to topple them all, and the Trigger domino to progress to the next level. To make things more difficult, there are several platforms, accesed by ladders, and different type of dominoes, which defy gravity, bounce, create platform sections, and so on. Within a ceratin amount of time, you have to set them up, and then push them over! Just like Domino Rally! (Those who had a ZX81 or Spectrum 48k will remember Domino Rally). It’s available as an Amiga disk image on many Abandonware sites (such as or, but that involves configuring and installing UAE, and a Kickstart ROM, or DOSBox. However, a few days ago, an open source port was released – it’s currently v0.0.1, but I downloaded and installed it, and everything looks good!

So, I downloaded the Pushover tarball from Sourceforge to my Desktop, and compiled as follows:

cd ~/Desktop
tar -zxvf pushover-0.0.1.tar.gz
cd pushover-0.0.1

Now, you can either run the game by executing the pushover binary from this directory:


or, if you’re comfortable doing so, install the binaries:

sudo make install

Controls are simple – use the left and right arrow keys to control the ant, the up arrow to climb ladders, and down to descend. Pushing the spacebar while in front of a domino make the ant will pick it up, and also drop the domino in an empty space. The up arrow key will also position the ant next to a domino ready to push, which can be done my pressing the arrow key in the direction you want to push and the spacebar. Simple. Who needs flash 3D graphics anyway?

Enjoy this damnably addictive game…


  1. Pushover Open Source port site
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