Convert DAA to ISO Disk Images in Linux

Posted by on Dec 4, 2008 in Linux3 comments

Ever acquired a .daa disk image and been unable to burn it? DAA is the proprietary format of PowerISO – I’m not really a fan of proprietary formats of anything, and would rather have the disk as an ISO image. The PowerISO download page has a conversion tool for Linux which can be used to convert that pesky DAA to ISO, and can be used via the Terminal (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal) as follows:

tar -zxvf poweriso-1.3.tar.gz
./poweriso convert /path/to/source.daa -o /path/to/target.iso -ot iso

However, there is also an Open Source version available, developed by Luigi Auriemma. The Zip file contains a precompiled Windozzze binary, along with the source code – which is what we’re interested in for Linux. Once it’s compiled:

cd src

it’s really easy to use:

./daa2iso /path/to/source.daa /path/to/target.iso

The new ISO image can be now burned with whatever application you choose.

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