Are the BBC Selling out?

Posted by on Mar 22, 2008 in Rants1 comment

BBC - Sponsered by SonyThe BBC has always been a commercial-free television channel – and indeed, radio, and every other form of media the BBC uses have also been free of advertisements. The BBC is paid for by the British Public – we pay an annual license fee, to ensure the BBC remains commercial free – whatever the media. However, it seems that their website doesn’t count. I pointed my browser to today, and saw Sony adverts, and various other content related adverts. What’s going on BBC? What happened to keeping your output commercial free?

Interestingly, I haven’t seen any more adverts on their site today, so maybe it was some kind of marketing experiment? If the BBC are thinking of placing adverts on their news website, that would really REALLY suck, as it goes against all the BBC’s principals of commercial free broadcasting… and kind of negates the need for the British public to pay a license fee!

What’s the score BBC?

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