I Wouldn’t Steal

Posted by on Feb 28, 2008 in Rants1 comment

It’s nothing to do with Ubuntu Linux, or the Jungle, but it’s definitely worth a cheeky post on my blog! iwouldntsteal.net have produced a great video to replace the Multinationals’ propaganda which we’re forced to view almost every time we pop a DVD in to watch. The tossers who produce this propaganda, as most of you will be aware, associate downloading and reproducing films etc. with stealing handbags, cars, B&E, and all sorts of unsavory and nefarious criminal acts. As most people know, this is in fact, a big pile of stinking poo. Anyway, check out the movie, and support the Artists, not the Multinationals! Copy this blog entry to your blog if you like – anything to spread the word :)


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