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May 31, 2008

Microdia WebCam (0c45:xxxx) experimental drivers – installation and testing Part 1

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Updated 04/04/09 to reflect changes to the installation process. The driver currently supports the following Microdia webcams: 0c45:6240 0c45:6242 0c45:6243 0c45:6248 0c45:624b 0c45:624c 0c45:624e 0c45:624f 0c45:6253 0c45:6260 0c45:6262 0c45:6270 0c45:627a 0c45:627b 0c45:627c 0c45:627f 0c45:6280 0c45:6282 0c45:6283 0c45:6288 0c45:628a 0c45:628b 0c45:628e 0c45:628f 0c45:62a0 0c45:62b0 0c45:62b3 0c45:62ba 0c45:62bb 0c45:62bc 0c45:62be Keep up to date on the current […]

Feb 23, 2008

Broadcom 43xx (4318) Wireless on 64 Bit Ubuntu

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There are some great posts in forums and other blogs about getting the Broadcom 43xx Wireless card working in Ubuntu, which really helped me get on the right road to setting mine up (see the end of this post). However, I’m running 64 Bit Ubuntu on my Acer Aspire 5052, so I had a little […]

Feb 22, 2008

Ubuntu Sound on Acer Aspire 5052

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When I first installed, I had no sound. So, I played around with the sound control panel (double click on the speaker in the top right), looked at the drivers (ALSA installed correctly), and eventually found that Ubuntu sees my laptop speakers as “Surround”, and not the default setting of “Front”. So, right clicking on […]