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Jan 13, 2009

Recursively Search and Replace Terms in Multiple Files with grep, xargs and sed

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I recently offered to update some simple information on a website for a friend – normally an easy enough task, but unfortunately, even though the original developer of the site generated it with PHP, they didn’t utilise a database, or even combine common data/information/text (such as the header and footer of a HTML template) into […]

May 13, 2008

Search file contents in multiple directories with Recursive grep

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There are times – many in fact – when I need to find a file, or multiple files containing a particular string. For example, I’m developing a web application, and need to find out which pages call a particular class method, say, all the files which call the getTopTenCDs() method – I can do this […]

Apr 1, 2008

Searching for files – beagle, Google Desktop, find / | grep

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Like most users, I like to be able to locate files as quickly as possible, without having to plough through dozens of directories trying to remember where I placed that elusive Tibetan Flag image. There are several tools available to aid users searching their computers – the default install of Ubuntu has a built in […]