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Jan 5, 2012

Restore/Reload/Recover Crashed Gnome 3 Shell From tty1

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I switched over to Linux Mint – a very nice Ubuntu derivative – a few releases back, and have just updated to “Lisa”, aka Linux Mint 12. The latest release uses Gnome 3, which is vastly different from Gnome 2 in pretty much every way. As much as I loved Gnome 2, I have to […]

Feb 21, 2009

Some Really Useful Linux Command Line Tricks

Some Really Useful Linux Command Line Tricks Posted by in Featured, Linux 7 comments

Many people, especially users new to the world of Linux, are afraid of the command line. However, the command line is incredibly powerful, and in many cases can save time, and execute tasks much faster than GUIs. Personally, I love the command line, and what follows is a list of tips and tricks I find […]

Jan 13, 2009

Recursively Search and Replace Terms in Multiple Files with grep, xargs and sed

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I recently offered to update some simple information on a website for a friend – normally an easy enough task, but unfortunately, even though the original developer of the site generated it with PHP, they didn’t utilise a database, or even combine common data/information/text (such as the header and footer of a HTML template) into […]

Nov 18, 2008

Blast from the Past: Pushover, puzzle game

Blast from the Past: Pushover, puzzle game Posted by in Games, Linux 26 comments

Those who had an Amiga will remember this one, developed by Oceon in 1992: Pushover. A cool puzzle game, where you control an Ant, and have to work out and set up the correct sequence of Dominoes in order to topple them all, and the Trigger domino to progress to the next level. To make […]

Nov 15, 2008

Track and Trace your stolen or missing Laptop with Adeona, on 32 and 64 Bit Ubuntu

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Adeona is an Open Source system for tracking stolen and lost laptops/notebooks, developed by the University of Washington Computer Science and Engineering department. It’s also one of the few systems which doesn’t require a silly BIOS hack, or access to proprietary services, and is available for Linux, Windozzze and Mac OSX. Since 64bitjungle is a […]

May 13, 2008

Search file contents in multiple directories with Recursive grep

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There are times – many in fact – when I need to find a file, or multiple files containing a particular string. For example, I’m developing a web application, and need to find out which pages call a particular class method, say, all the files which call the getTopTenCDs() method – I can do this […]

Apr 21, 2008

Digital Photography – Linux Darkroom with LightCraft’s LightZone 3.4

Digital Photography – Linux Darkroom with LightCraft’s LightZone 3.4 Posted by in Photography, Technology 4 comments

I love Photography, and any oportunity I get, I try and take photos. I have a great camera, and living in the jungle, fantastic surroundings and photo oportunites everywhere I look. The only thing I’ve been lacking is a digital darkroom for Linux. OK, so we Linux users have GIMP, CinePaint (a fork from GIMP […]

Mar 5, 2008

IEs4Linux – Internet Explorer 5.0, 5.5, 6 & 7 on Ubuntu Linux

Posted by in Programming, Technology, Ubuntu, Web Development 12 comments

I do a lot of Web Development, and try to build W3C Standards Compliant web sites – that’s why I always develop a website for Firefox first, and it’s also why I despise – with absolute passion – Micro$hite Internet Explorer (including version 7, which although is closer to following W3C’s standards than any previous […]

Feb 23, 2008

Broadcom 43xx (4318) Wireless on 64 Bit Ubuntu

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There are some great posts in forums and other blogs about getting the Broadcom 43xx Wireless card working in Ubuntu, which really helped me get on the right road to setting mine up (see the end of this post). However, I’m running 64 Bit Ubuntu on my Acer Aspire 5052, so I had a little […]