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May 21, 2008

Traversing, and opening include files in Eclipse IDE

Traversing, and opening include files in Eclipse IDE Posted by in Eclipse No comments

While aimlessly wandering the web yesterday, I happened upon a rather cool little plugin for Eclipse, called AnyEdit tools, which adds a bunch of useful tools to the context menu of the Eclipse editor, and also to the output consoles, main menu and editor toolbar. Most interestingly for me, is the addition to the context […]

Feb 29, 2008

Eclipse PDT IDE for PHP MySQL 32 Bit install on 64 Bit Ubuntu

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Please Note: This article is now deprecated in favour of “Full 64 Bit (or 32 Bit) Web Development and PHP/MySQL IDE with Eclipse 3.4 Ganymede and PDT 2”. Thanks! Update 12/04/08: I have now successfully installed the x64 version of Eclipse – see 64 Bit Eclipse: Linux Installation, including PDT, WTP (WST), ATF, and MySQL […]