Environmentally Friendly, Green Web Hosting Powered by Renewable Solar and Wind Energy!

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Living in the Jungle, I’m concerned about environmental issues, and try to live my life as Green as possible. Unfortunately, I witness deforestation, slash and burn, littering, and all sorts of non-green activities on an all too regular basis. So, I was incredibly impressed when a friend pointed out ThinkHost to me. Yes, they’re another web hosting company along with the other thousands out there, but by far the best thing about these guys, is that they run on 100% Renewable Energy – Wind and Solar powered Linux Web Servers… How unbelievably cool is that?!? Very, I think anyway. They also plant a new tree with every customer sign up, which makes the Hippy in me very happy (I like to please the Hippy and the Geek). In fact, I think the only thing that would make them even cooler, is if their servers were Ubuntu web servers! They currently have a great $7.95/month hosting plan, offering:

  • 100 gigabytes server space
  • 1000 gigabytes bandwidth
  • Unlimited MySQL databases included
  • Host unlimited domains/sites

along with PHP5 support, unlimited POP3 email accounts, Linux/Apache setup, software packages and so on and so forth.

I’ve no intention of putting distracting banners regularly in my posts – in fact, not at all after this one – but I’m pretty damn impressed with these guys, so they deserve a big ass, one-off, in-post banner:

Special web hosting offer - LIMITED TIME ONLY

They also have a pretty impressive affiliate program, which is a cool way to spread the Green word!

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