Find Unread messages in Gmail

Posted by on Dec 4, 2008 in Technology4 comments

gmail logoI sometimes get messages in my Gmail account for which I think “I’ll open it later”, which have the same thought applied to them the next day, week, month… until they get buried deeply into the mass of read mail to be almost – but not quite – forgotten about. The (5) next to the Inbox link serves as a constant reminder of those 5 neglected mails, which would probably remain neglected, since they have as good as vanished into obscurity and would be a nightmare to find, were it not for a really cool, and painfully simple search term:


Simply enter this into the search box, click “Search Mail”, and Gmail will list all those unread messages, no matter how old. Not a lot of people know that. However, if you think that’s far too many characters to type in one go, well, no worries – just use:


instead, and it’ll yield the same results.

Another few milliseconds saved. What to do with them?

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