Here is a list of posts that may be considered guides, or tutorials on system configuration, application installation etc. They are also available via the HowTo Tag, but are categorised here for reference. The HowTo tag is the most up-to-date list, but this page will be updated as and when I get the opportunity.

Eclipse, PHP and Web Development

  1. On the Edge: PHP IDE With Eclipse Galileo (3.5 M6) and PDT 2.1 M6
  2. Full 64 Bit (or 32 Bit) Web Development and PHP/MySQL IDE with Eclipse 3.4 Ganymede and PDT 2
  3. 64 Bit Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede) IDE with PDT and SQL Explorer – Full PHP/MySQL Web Application IDE
  4. Debugging PHP Applications with Xdebug and Eclipse PDT
  5. 64 Bit Eclipse: Linux Installation, including PDT, WTP (WST), ATF, and MySQL (SQL Explorer Plugin)
  6. Eclipse PDT and MySQL – SQL Explorer Plugin
  7. IEs4Linux – Internet Explorer 5.0, 5.5, 6 & 7 on Ubuntu Linux
  8. Eclipse PDT IDE for PHP MySQL 32 Bit install on 64 Bit Ubuntu
  9. Apache Virtual Hosts and mod_rewrite on Ubuntu Hardy
  10. Merge two images with PHP and GD

Linux & Ubuntu Tips

  1. Some Really Useful Linux Command Line Tricks
  2. Recursively Search and Replace Terms in Multiple Files with grep, xargs and sed
  3. Convert DAA to ISO Disk Images in Linux
  4. Split Screen GNOME Terminals with Terminator in Ubuntu
  5. Searching for files – beagle, Google Desktop, find / | grep
  6. Ubuntu Readahead boot profiling, and Bootchart
  7. Viewing CHM files, and converting CHM to HTML or PDF files in (Ubuntu) Linux

System Setup & Configuration

  1. Install Java JRE 1.6.0 (Update x) in Linux as the Default Java Runtime, including Firefox Browser Plugin
  2. Broadcom 43xx (4318) Wireless on 64 Bit Ubuntu
  3. Ubuntu Usplash
  4. Repartitioning Ubuntu

Application Installation and Configuration

  1. Track and Trace your stolen or missing Laptop with Adeona, on 32 and 64 Bit Ubuntu
  2. Adobe Flash Player 10 (Alpha) for 64 Bit Linux – Installation
  3. Watch Live Premiership and Champions League Matches via Sopcast, on Ubuntu Hardy/Debian 32 & 64 Bit
  4. 64 Bit Azureus BitTorrent Client with 64 Bit JRE
  5. Installing and Customizing Skype (and other QT apps) on 64 Bit Ubuntu
  6. Install Adobe AIR 1.5 and the Google Analytics Reporting Application on Ubuntu
  7. View and Render .nfo files correctly in Ubuntu with NFO Viewer

Application Tips and Tricks

  1. Batch Export Amarok Album Art to the Album’s Containing Directory


  1. Conky: Dual Core Processors in .conkyrc
  2. BOINC and SETI@Home Data Output with Conky
  3. Conky on Ubuntu 64 Bit – .conkyrc

Fun and Games

  1. Amiga Emulation with E-UAE on Ubuntu 32 and 64 Bit
  2. Retro: Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k on Ubuntu 64 Bit
  3. Oolite Addons with Ubuntu