Compiz and Emerald problem after Ubuntu Hardy Heron Upgrade

Posted by on May 14, 2008 in Linux, Ubuntu5 comments

I’ve just solved a funky little problem with Compiz and Emerald, whereby Emerald wasn’t used for window decorations, and changing the Theme via the Emerald Theme Manager accomplished nothing – this is after upgrading to Ubuntu Hardy Heron, by the way. If you don’t have Emerald installed, it can be done by running, in a Terminal:

sudo apt-get install emerald

or via the Synaptic Package Manager. The same goes for the CompizConfig Settings Manager:

apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

Anyway, the problem boiled down to Compiz not using Emerald for Window Decoration, and was thankfully veyr easy to solve, by pointing Compiz to the Emerald binary. Open up the compizConfig Settings Manager – System -> Preferences -> Advanced Desktop Effects Settings and select the “Effects” category from the left menu. Click on “Window Decoration” from the selectionin the right pane, and for Command, enter:


Make sure it’s enabled, and close the CompizConfig Settings Manager. In order for the new settings to take effect, wither restart X by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Backspace, or run the following in a Terminal:

compiz --replace &
emerald --replace &

Now Compiz is using Emerald for my Window Decorations, and I can once again change the Emerald Theme dynamically via the Emerald Theme Manager.

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