Weird Fonts in Ubuntu

Posted by on May 11, 2008 in Ubuntu5 comments

I noticed today that a bunch of applications, and even some web sites were displaying interesting fonts, making the application/web site unusable and unreadable – most notably QT applications. The text rendered like an interesting cross between Hindu and Arabic. This issue just so happened to crop up shortly after transferring a bunch of fonts over from my Windozzze partition to Linux:

cd /media/hda1/WINDOWS/Fonts
cp * ~/.fonts
sudo fc-cache -fv

Basically, there seemed to be a conflict between the fonts already installed in Linux, and the fonts I had just transferred over. So, I removed all the fonts, and copied over just the True Type Fonts and Open Type Fonts:

cd ~/.fonts
rm *.*
cd /media/hda1/WINDOWS/Fonts
cp *.ttf *.TTF *.otf *.OTF ~/.fonts
sudo fc-cache -fv

So far so good – the funky script has been replaced with readable text. I guess I’ll have to move the rest one-by-one to find the miscreant font…

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